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At the top of the list of priorities is also featured the creation of the Steenstra GCM brand identity. This is already started with the choice of shape and colors of the logo. The circular element features a reference to the Yin-Yang symbol in reference to the balance it tries to restore, separated by a leaf like shape to associate it with the environmental consciousness of the brand.

The brand identity will also be clearly recognizable in the exterior design of the products. Not only will the cars be silent in motion, also their design language will set them apart as very stylish, harmonious and timeless, but also the perception of floating in harmony with its surroundings, even at vastly superior speeds to the competitors. The choice of materials used on exterior, interior and parts clearly reflects the purpose of each vehicle within its segment.

Steenstra GCM will not outsource the vehicle dynamics development, but rather develop this to perfection within its R&D development phase using the latest software technologies on the market, significantly reducing the need for actual field testing.

Through IPG it is possible to exactly develop the suspension and chassis, equip it with the correct weight placement and simulate precisely the road dynamics that are desired for each product. With X-Flow it is possible to optimize the aerodynamics outside and inside the car to get the perfect balance needed. This will lead to the vastly superior performance compared to Tesla, and it will form the basis for all future performance development.

Steenstra GCM clearly aims at a higher market segment than its current main competitor, Tesla. This is not only essential to succeed at creating a profitable business; it is also the only possible strategy for proper development of the next vehicles in the line-up, so that Steenstra GCM will become a leader in this segment of the performance market for zero emission vehicles.

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