Agreement For Bank Account

Cash Payment The investment administrator provides, on behalf of the issuer, all cash funds from the issuer to the Danish account bank or induces them to deliver them to the Danish account bank; Subsequently, the Danish account bank holds the same thing in the corresponding account, which is opened and managed in accordance with the confidence of the securities and the Danish account bank contract with the Danish account bank. The account bank contract and all extra-contract obligations arising from or in combination are governed by English law. Asset holders are entitled to the benefits of all provisions of the Note Trust agreement and are considered to be related to notification and are deemed to be in compliance with all provisions of the Investment Management and Administration Agreement, the Account Banking and Paying Agency Agreement, the Danish Account Bank Contract, the Security Trust Agreement and the Register and Transfer Agreement. The account bank agreement is concluded on or around the closing date between the account bank, holding company, Asset Trustee, issuer, trustee, delegate and program administrator and is subject to English law. 9. If the account bank does not take these steps within the necessary time, the issuer (with prior and written agreement of the agent) will terminate the account bank contract for the account of the issuer concerned and close the issuer`s bank accounts, provided that an alternative financial institution with all account ratings has been designated. ..

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