Crec Collective Bargaining Agreement

NEA Auto – Home Insurance Program by California Casualty Glastonbury Education Association (GEA-Teachers) Contract 2017-2021 Secretaryaries and Full Time Paraprofessionals Contract 2017-2021 Glastonbury School Administrator es (GS AAA) Contract 2018-2022 Accord Between Glastonbury and East Hartford Boards of Education Council and the Capitol Region Education Council regarding the Glastonbury-East Hartford Elementary Police and military members They offer CEA members unique benefits such as skipping payment options , retention rights, free protection against pet injuries and much more. And knowing that budgets are tighter than usual, they offer a free gift card worth $25 if you receive a car offer. . Call the CEA helpline: 860-725-6305! Five additional hours of professional preparation for new teachers: CREC teachers in their first year at the Agency must go to the Academy teachers and complete five additional hours of professional learning outside the work day. In addition, teachers in the second and third year of CREC who have been hired with less than five years of experience must attend the Teachers` Academy and work five additional hours per year for professional learning outside the work day.

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