Employment Agreements Moe

The documents below are intended for staff who work without constraints when needed, without expecting an ongoing job (for example. B daily lightening of teachers). If the casual worker is a non-union member, he or she must receive a casual job offer and an occasional EDI. If you are not sure, please contact us. Authorization from the Ministry of Education is required if schools wish to offer different terms of employment than those provided in collective agreements or individual employment contracts, such as. B additional wages, allowances or benefits. This authorization is granted to teachers, headteachers and all other members of the school who are not unionized must sign an individual employment contract. For most types of school employment, advertised individual employment contracts are available. You can download the corresponding IEA from the list below. All casual workers (such as school transport drivers and hostel workers) who are employed by a board of directors and whose work is not covered by the coverage clause of a collective agreement must sign the following individual employment agreement: there are a number of legal requirements, ministry of education provisions and employment contracts.

Collective agreements (CA) and individual employment contracts (IEAs) set the conditions of employment of school workers. If they want to continue to employ you at the end of a fixed-term agreement, they must sign a new employment contract with you. An employment problem may be a personal complaint, a dispute over the meaning or application of part of an individual employment contract. There is a defined process that must follow to address employment issues, including assistance and placement by the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Employment. All staff members must be accompanied by a job description, and any job changes must be discussed with staff and then recorded. Please contact our employment referral and assistance centre for advice. You and your employer can agree that your employment contract expires on a specific date if a particular event occurs or at the end of a particular project, provided the following 3 conditions are met. Below is a list of current models of individual employment contracts for all school employees who are not members of a union or whose work is not covered by a collective agreement.

Some schools are required to establish a standard form for the Ministry of Education (MOE) employment contract (enterprise contract) which contains a number of provisions contrary to the Labour Act. In addition, a decree issued by the Minister of Labour, Decree 765 of 2015, which came into force on 1 January 2016 (“decree”), imposes further restrictions on employers under the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (formerly the Ministry of Labour) (which may include some training providers). The overall position can be ambiguous, which is why it is important for schools to be aware of key issues and have clear contracts and personnel policies to navigate a reasonable path.

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