Service Level Agreement Library

Library ITS provides library services that are specialized and library-specific. The library`s general IT requirements are supported by other ITS units such as Standard Desktop Support, Core Technologies, etc., which are covered by the ITS/Campus Service Level Agreement and described as its its.ucsc.edu/services/index.html services. Its library local service coverage is available Monday-Friday 8-5 p.m., except for scheduled maintenance periods or during mandatory campus closures. The principles of the weakest privileges apply (i.e., accounts must have minimum access while ensuring functionality; where appropriate, ensure that systems are only accessible via the vpn campus or library network). LIBRARY ITS will provide the infrastructure, technology, people, processes and monitoring tools needed for defined services, and: Individual copies marked as lost in the library will be searched for 3 days. If found, an email indicating that the item is available for pickup is sent to the customer within the hour. Untraceable objects can be extended within 24 hours of the completion date. When the action is taken, the following article follows “Offer to Buy,” which informs the boss accordingly. Our goal is to offer quality customer service with 90% good or excellent satisfaction. All personal queries are confirmed within 30 seconds, with queries resolved immediately when the library is linked or transferred to the most appropriate person/Hub/Division in any form of contact. Service Level Agreements (LSAs) are our commitment to library staff, students and visitors and the level of service expected they receive from the customer service team. Our SLA performance is published here as soon as the data has been collected and analyzed.

The quality of all customer interactions will always be monitored in order to achieve the agreed ALA objectives. Our performance data is audited every 6 months to inform development areas and celebrate customer service success. In the event that suspicious activity is detected, ITS will notify library management and communicate internally in an attempt to identify the party responsible. It is the library`s responsibility to ensure that alleged abuses are corrected in a timely manner and to advise benefactors on the appropriate use of library resources.

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