Tentative Agreements

An interim agreement on the whole package must also be reduced to the letter and signed by both parties at the time of the full interim agreement. Article 14 – Downsizing for the implementation of programs or financial expenditures: a copy of the preliminary agreement of February 12, 2016 Service Employees` International Union West (SEIU-West) and the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations (SAHO Inc.) has successfully been obtained a new interim collective agreement. This agreement will allow a total of four union collective agreements, which, with the exception of affiliated organizations, are now all active within a single provincial health authority. Details of the new collective agreement will be shared until ratification by seiU-West-Mitglieder and SAHO Inc. “I am very pleased with the joint efforts of both parties to achieve pandemic stability in essential health services in these difficult times,” said Health Minister Paul Merriman. “SEIU-West members are highly valued members of our health teams and are being abandoned by the people of Saskatchewan, and I want to thank them for their commitment.” SEIU-West represents 11,500 licensed nurse practitioners, specialized nursing assistants, office workers and other occupations working in acute care, long-term care, home care, basic health care, emergency medicine, public health and mental health services. DETROIT – General Dynamics Corporation`s UAW members reached an interim agreement today. “General Dynamics` bargaining committees have worked hard to reach a fair agreement for our members who protect job security, wages and benefits,” said Ray Curry, UAW Secretary General, Director of the UAW`s General Dynamics Department. General Dynamics The parties have tentatively agreed on the following issues: since the start of negotiations in February 2015, their negotiating committee has worked hard to secure the best possible agreement. The support and participation of our members, including the completion of a strong strike mandate, has been instrumental in achieving this settlement. But your participation is always necessary. It is now time for members to vote on the interim agreement recommended by their union bargaining committee. The time has come to vote on the adoption or rejection of this interim memorandum of understanding.

If the majority of those who cast a ballot support the recommendation to adopt the memorandum across Ontario, in which Loblaws RCSS and Great Food members work, then the changes described in this document will be added to your collective agreement, which will be your new collective agreement that defines your wages, benefits, working conditions, etc. for years to come. Article 27 – Discipline for Tenured and/or Faculty of Tenure Track: See a copy of the provisional agreement of February 16, 2016 – `BARGAINING UPDATE` UAW Local 6000 has reached a preliminary agreement with the State of Michigan in contract negotiations on wages and benefits for the two-year period starting in October.

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