To Enter Into An Agreement En Francais

Any school that is interested in reaching an agreement with the Agency for this purpose is invited to submit its offer. Each offer must include at least quality education for the children of its staff, and the European Agency (Agency) wants to enter into agreements with certain schools in all places where it has established or intends to set up an office. The agency pays tuition directly to schools that are selected and where staff wish to send their children. This call for interest does not engage the Agency in any way. Pending the signing of the contracts, the Agency may cancel this call for remuneration without the schools being entitled to compensation. The enrolment of children in schools is not guaranteed by any agreement between the Agency and the schools, as this remains dependent on external factors such as the choice of each staff member and the availability of the Agency`s annual budget. In addition, the Agency reserves the right to terminate any agreement with schools at any time in the future, with the school generally giving reasonable notice until the end of the relevant school year. European Agency GNSS”Education in France”Janovskeho 438/2170 00 Praha 7 Czech Republic Currently, the Agency`s staff has about 65 children at the relevant age and the number of Agency staff is expected to increase in the near future. .

If you would like to read this text in French, click here if you like it. The questions and answers associated with it are published on this site (without the identification of the requesting school). . Each school that has submitted an offer will be informed in due course of the result of the selection. . Each selected school must provide the necessary documents for the registration of the school in the EU financial system (a completed and signed entity form, a completed and signed financial identification form – the links to the corresponding forms are at the bottom of the page) and their supporting documents. The corporate forms in several languages with explanations and all the additional information is available here (you can submit the form in any language): . European agency hodlé uzavét smlouvy se ékolami v Praze a bl`zkém okola, na jejiché z`klad` von bylo zajiéov`no v`cejazyé né vzd`l`te jej`ho elected. .

Schools are cordially invited to ask for more information if necessary. Requests to do so should be addressed to Learning&Development@gsa.europa.eu Offers should be addressed to: Learning&Development@gsa.europa.eu.

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