Xfinity User Agreement

You are responsible for your own compliance with this directive. You are also responsible for any misuse or misuse of the service, violating this Directive by others who allow you to access the service (. B for example, a friend, family member or guest), with one exception: in cases where you allow others to access your Internet service identified by Wi-Fi XFINITY with your own login information, these users are responsible for complying with all the conditions and policies in place for their access. For more information on Comcast`s Wi-Fi access, visit wifi.xfinity.com/. You acknowledge that you accept this agreement on behalf of all persons who use the service on the premises and that you are solely responsible for understanding and respecting all other users of the terms and conditions of the agreement and all applicable Comcast policies, including, but not limited, to acceptable usage and confidentiality policies. You also acknowledge and accept that you are solely responsible for all transactions, including, but not exclusively, purchases made above or in connection with the Service. You agree to exempt, defend and compensate Comcast and its affiliates, suppliers and representatives of any claims and expenses (including reasonable legal fees) resulting from the use of the Service, XFINITY Equipment and/or Customer Equipment or violation of this Agreement or any of Comcast`s policies in effect by you or any other user of the service on the premises. Comcast reserves the right to investigate allegations of violations of this directive, including the collection of information from the user or user concerned and the complainant, if any, and the review of material and data on Comcast`s servers and network. During an investigation, Comcast may withdraw or block an account or account that may be contrary to this Directive. They expressly authorize Comcast and its suppliers to cooperate with (i) law enforcement agencies to investigate alleged violations and (ii) and system administrators with other internet service providers or other network agencies or Edis to enforce this directive. Once your service account is complete, Comcast is allowed to delete all files, programs, data, emails and other messages related to your account (and all secondary accounts). Comcast is committed to respecting U.S.

copyrights and related laws and requires all users of this site to comply with these laws. As a result, you may not use this website to store material or content or to disseminate material or content in a manner that violates the intellectual property rights of third parties, including rights granted by the United States.

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