Gerben Steenstra started his family’s carriage building business in Oldemarkt, Netherlands, back in 1866. The business was passed on over the subsequent generations Until Daniel Steenstra was forced to close shop due to the dominance of the motor driven vehicles. Subsequently his son Rients switched to another prevalent form of transportation, and made a career for himself within the Dutch National Railroads.

Blood flows where it cannot go, and thus Rients’ sons were profoundly infuzed with the transportation bug. His oldest son Daniel Rudolf became designer at Jaguar in Coventry (UK) after a successful period as designer at Michelotti in Italy, middle son Cornelis Germ (short for Gerben) started as designer at Volvo, went to Mercedes-Benz and Mazda before setting up his own independent consultancy Foresee in Germany, Gibraltar and California, and youngest son Mario turned to the bigger sizes in transportation with the Dutch Army’s tank and truck divisions.

Rients’ grandson Sebastian has also been bitten, and is studying automotive engineering in Arnhem, Netherlands. His father Cornelis decided to step into his great great grandfathers’ (and name sakes’) footsteps and has now formed CORrozeria.


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